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The Oklahoman, owned by OPUBCO, is reaping six to seven figure increases from its new CRM system, SalesTouch by AdMall. The system has also been adopted by the Southbend Tribune, Reminder Media, The Kansas City Star, Denver Post and WKEF-WRGT-TV. The case study shows how the system works, key concepts, pricing and revenue metrics. Required reading for LocalMediaInsider members. This vendor is an editor's pick. more
Red Wing Publishing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, publishes 10 community newspapers. Its new full-service agency model, Big Fish Digital, has put together a winning team of vendors. Learn from their experience of hiring the key executive, selecting the vendor mix, the pricing and packaging strategies, and products that have highest need and are most profitable. The full case study is below. more
Public radio station KBIA, licensed by the University of Missouri, is using drones to cover environmental and agricultural stories. Scott Pham, content director of KBIA Missouri, acquired a grant to experiment with using drones. Here's the results, including equipment needed and costs, links to how the coverage was incorporated in stories, and lessons learned. more
After launching a new digital subscription paywall in the fall of 2011, the editorial staff at the York Daily Record wanted to increase and improve online coverage. YDR decided test whether iPads for newsroom reporters, in addition to iPhones which they already had, would make a difference, and how much. The results have been astounding: 50% more video is being uploaded by reporters to the site, and the team has transitioned into multi-media journalists. Here's their iPad launch strategy, keys to success, results, and best practices in the field. more
A key initiative for the New Orleans monthly OffBeat Magazine was revamping a weekly email newsletter, which now yields an estimated $52,000 annually. Here's how the company put the program together. more
Marquee Magazine's partnership with Spingo's mobile first events platform turned a cost center into a revenue stream. Spingo has signed several large prestige accounts: KSL.com, part of Deseret Digital Media, and the San Diego Union-Tribune. Find out how the platform works, results, and our take on this entry into the events space. more
Belo Interactive Group's partnership with Datasphere includes a local events platform and telesales of neighborhood businesses. Results are tracking an estimated $500,000 plus in annual revenues. While traditionally partnered with broadcast sites like Belo, The Gannett-owned Arizona Republic is also testing the partnership in 17 neighborhood. Here's how Belo's program works, including price points, sales organization, platform and metrics. more
This case study shows a successful native advertising strategy that WSPD-TV, in Paducah, Kentucky, used to capture big dollars from health care companies: A turn key health site with some localized programming serves the community and attracts major sponsorship dollars. Included is an overview of both of their successful healthcare marketing programs with estimated sales of more than $250,000, and how they work together.. Find out how sponsorships are sold and what sponsorships including, with examples of promotions and lessons learned. more
A Federated Media-owned radio station group in Lake County, Indiana has created a daily video newscast powered by radio promotions but distributed largely via Facebook and by text to mobile phones. The popular newscast landed a mid-to-high five figure sponsorship from a local auto dealer. Here's how the newscast was put together, including equipment, staffing, promotions, format and results. more
From San Diego to New York City, every large market has a resturant week promotion. However many small markets are also launching this event which is relatively easy to produce and ideal for a small staff. Unlike a "Taste of" event in a conference center, Restaurant Week leverages the community. The promoters do not have to pay for and staff a venue and restaurants are happy to have the foot traffic inside their own establishments. Civic organizations will also help sell and co-promote what is perceived as a community service. There are also side benefits: The media builds good will with the restaurant community, shows restaurants the power of the media's advertising, and develops a "foot in the door" for longer term marketing relationships. Below are two case studies of small newspapers whose first restaurant week was well worth the effort; how they created the week on a shoe string, and how it fits into their longer term strategy. Included is a check list for launching an restaurant week in your market. more
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