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Interested in real information about products and services your advertisers would buy from your sales representatives? Ask them. Plug this simple ten question survey into Survey Monkey or another vendor, and email to advertisers and prospects. more
These pros and cons - and do's and don'ts - of using QR Codes are based on field-tested experiences from local media companies, including print and broadcast as well as advice from mobile experts at Centro. Before launching a QR code initiative, understanding these do's and don't will save time, money and resources. more
Several of the ten top football contests produced on Second Street Media's platform generate top dollars from sponsors. However, generating $45,000 to $100,000 from a contest is not as easy as it looks in a case study! The devil is in the details, and these kinds of numbers are usually at least second year. Use these tips to focus in on details that make contests a success. Includes a list of potential sponsors. more
One method of interviewing for key strengths is to use "behavioral testing," by creating a series of experiential questions. Simply put, ask the candidate to recall a specific time in which they demonstrated the quality you are looking for. Here is a list behaviorial questions for key telemarketing strengths from Cape Sales Development, a leading telemarketing outsourcing company and trainer in the local media space. more
Growing e-mail lists is a new basic skill for revenue-oriented local media executives. Second Street Media, provider of deal and contest platforms, trains its media partners by sharing best practices. Here are the top seven recommendations for increasing the list. more
Digital First Media was one of the first print companies to give video cameras to sales reps and reporters. But what kind of training do sales people need to use the devices in the field? At the Pottstown Mercury, video sales projects range from multi-media dining guides to Bartender of the Year Contests. Jared Semet, Online Sales Manager, shared this video starter kit. more
There were a number of great revenue ideas at last week's SNA/Blinder Revenue Summit which we will be posting on this site. Here's a quick overview of key take-aways. more
When positioning online media to advertisers it's helpful to first know what other media competitors they are looking at and how they stack up in comparison. aWhat is the site's local market position? Do competing sites have more referring links, and if so, from whom? What about the online audience that buys, say, Ford cars, versus the local TV station they are currently running on? This report gives five free sources to both an instant overview or in depth intersecting data such as women, who prefer the Ford brand, and don't watch television. Included are the limitations andkey uses of each source. more
Here are LocalMediaInsider's top ten innovations for local media companies building digital revenues in 2011. more
Second Street Media's Deadline Deal has dozens of media partners. Here's a checklist of best practices from top-selling deal partners in print, television and radio. more
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