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One method of interviewing for key strengths is to use "behavioral testing," by creating a series of experiential questions. Simply put, ask the candidate to recall a specific time in which they demonstrated the quality you are looking for. Here is a list behaviorial questions for key telemarketing strengths from Cape Sales Development, a leading telemarketing outsourcing company and trainer in the local media space. more
Digital First Media was one of the first print companies to give video cameras to sales reps and reporters. But what kind of training do sales people need to use the devices in the field? At the Pottstown Mercury, video sales projects range from multi-media dining guides to Bartender of the Year Contests. Jared Semet, Online Sales Manager, shared this video starter kit. more
Cox Media is just completing a major drive to retrain 1200 employees in digital using a team of outside trainers. Here's who they chose, how they scaled the training and measured results. more
Source Media in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, recently deployed a new media agnostic team of four "hunters" and reorganized it's existing team to focus on growing the new accounts. Find out how they did it, and the early results. more
One of the top performing television station interactive departments, according to Borrell & Associates, is Draper Holdings' WBOC in Salisbury. Here are key strategies that led to 59% digital growth in 2010, and 200% this year, including their Facebook strategy, sales structure, and directory play. more
Gannett-owned Fort Myers News-Press.com has not just been proactive in building digital revenues; it doubled online revenues in the last year. Their key advantage is a full blown training program including classroom style corporate university. Here are ten key sales force strategies that yielded great results, from Brian Hellman, Digital Advertising Manager, News-press Media Group. more
The Bangor Daily News' newly consolidated sales team retrained and launched its digital sales using a step-by-step approach starting with simple SOV packages, and "sold out" the first 20 packages in two weeks. Here's how the team, which included Online Sales Manager, Nicole Stevens, and Consultant, Jane Bogue, put the initiative to work. more
Chris Edwards, VP of Sales and Customer service at Source Media group, had no direct background in media. But in 2009, he was tasked with organizing a multi-media sales organization (broadcast, print and online properties) to achieve 60% year or year digital growth. Here's a case study on his approach. more
Show us the compensation system and we'll predict the behavior of the organization. Building new business models means that compensation has to be realigned. Here are seven best practices in use by sales managers having great success - more than 50% year-to-year increases - in digital selling. more
There are a few must-have technologies to grow digital sales that all local media companies should have in their arsenal to do what interactive media does best: targeting and conversion-tracking. more
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