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What's the magic combination to promote a ski resort -

or any trael destination? Brianhead's campaign that included radio, billboards plus programmatic and pay-per-click went off the charts. Find …

Top Ad

A store selling scooters in Denver went from "dormant" advertiser to Top Ad winner for outstanding results in a multi-media campaign sold by Bert Ross at Westword, a City Weekly. Find out how they …

Media Minds

Selling to individual agents has always been problematic for Bay Area News Group. A new initiative by Director of Real Estate, Eric Bloom, however, allows the company to market to agents while …


Here are the 2014 best sales initiatives.

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Round up:

Learn by example: The hottest categories for selling premium ad units from June's Top Premium Ad Challenge. Here is a list of seven red hot categories we found and campaign examples. Please log-in to …


It's difficult to run work from home teams - but not impossible. Large companies are experts at it, but for local media companies with their history of mentor-style training and rigid …


The wedding franchise is a multi-million marketplace in most towns and cities - and in many cases up for grabs as new promoters, media and verticals get into the race for dollars.

This 20 page …


Most media know that Borrell publishes industry research and produces an important media conference.

But what do media get from this research? And do you need it? LocalMediaInsider delves inside …


Many digital publishers think of Borrell Associates' data as big picture research, but it can also be used strategically by the sales department and even at the tactical level to walk away with more …

Media Minds

Have you started selling political advertising for the 2014 mid-term elections?

The most savvy media organizations are already in the field making contacts to pre-sell political campaigns and …

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