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AI, automation, and more were on display at the 2020 Mega Conference. Here's a list of the leading advancements in technology we saw from the tech leaders in the media space.

Press release

Wisconsin, July 9, 2018 -  Wehaa, a leading developer of white label platforms, has announced  a partnership the Washington Post to redeploy their NewHomseGuide.com. The new site was …

Case Study

Wehaa has created a new set of tools allowing local media to offer marketing to a new group: furniture stores. This turnkey solution makes virtual sales quick and easy for publishers and includes …


Site Impact launches nationwide sales summit designed to help media boost top-line revenue by selling email marketing held in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.


Straus Media is the first newspaper in the U.S. to utilize Protec Media's new CMS, Millennium. Millennium offers a cloud-based platform and database driven workflow that allows content to deploy …


Evvnt's CEO Richard Green discusses their partnership with Site Impact, delivering a new platform for Local Media to advertise events listings and upsells to automate targeted emails.


Townsquare Media has been using CrowdTangle and realized they might be able to use it for branded content and to drive revenues. Justin Abbot, the leader of the initiative, set-up a meeting to decide …

Case study

Any time a classified manager adds five figure revenues to a live event partnership is a good day. Here are specific pricing, packaging and promotional tactics that scored a home run for both the …


What's the magic combination to promote a ski resort -

or any trael destination? Brianhead's campaign that included radio, billboards plus programmatic and pay-per-click went off the charts. Find …

Top Ad

A store selling scooters in Denver went from "dormant" advertiser to Top Ad winner for outstanding results in a multi-media campaign sold by Bert Ross at Westword, a City Weekly. Find out how they …

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