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Marketing campaign for boat manufacturer wins Top Ad

Many markets serve as home base to unique national brands and this is the case for Federated Media. A station based in Elkhart, Indiana is also home to Bennington Pontoons, a manufacturer that sells to dealers throughout the country. So how does a radio station take over and improve a national B2B account. This case study of an overall digital campaign shows step-by-step how a B2B campaign was put together with three core elements. Please log-in to see the campaign.
Case study

What's a radio station doing selling technical parts from a manufacturer to HVAC contractors? This campaign example shows Federated Media's interactive agency focused on large B2B advertisers in their markets, and gives a step-by-step approach to landing and … more

Case study

Governor's summits, co-sponsored by the governor's office are also referred to by MediaOne of Utah as "capital city events." These are high end, day long conferences on the economy, energy or health that may have just 1,500 attendees with sponsorships that … more

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We brought back the top ad award for this clever campaign by Amplified Media that rotates retail inventory through the banner ad using feedless technology.

Case study

Any time a classified manager adds five figure revenues to a live event partnership is a good day. Here are specific pricing, packaging and promotional tactics that scored a home run for both the …


What's the magic combination to promote a ski resort -

or any trael destination? Brianhead's campaign that included radio, billboards plus programmatic and pay-per-click went off the charts. Find …


The Geffen Playhouse pulled out all the stops to market a new show, including targeting people while they were attending events at 766 live ticketed venues in the city. Here's what happened and how …

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A store selling scooters in Denver went from "dormant" advertiser to Top Ad winner for outstanding results in a multi-media campaign sold by Bert Ross at Westword, a City Weekly. Find out how they …


Top Ad Winner, Daniel Anderson of Hubbard Radio in Minneapolis, helped a local hot tub dealer to target attendees of a Home Owners show using an online-only campaign with micro-proximity targeting. …

Top Ad

A recipe-base campaign by Hubbard Broadcasting's KOBTV for the New Mexico Beef Council using AdCellerant programmatic platform has picked up a Top Ad Award from LocalMediaInsider for its use of …

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Learn by example: The hottest categories for selling premium ad units from June's Top Premium Ad Challenge. Here is a list of seven red hot categories we found and campaign examples. Please log-in to …

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Premium ads provide an important digital solution: How to make display ads larger and more interactive than banner ads which deliver only a brief message. Here's a summary of when and how to sell …

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There were some truly outstanding entries last month for LocalMediaInsider's monthly Top Ad Contest after Impact Engine, a leading premium ad platform, added a $1,000 award and Premium Ad Challenge …

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