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Welcome to LocalMediaInsider's Brand Insights Partners program. 

What can members and  Brand Insights Partners expect from the program?

Technically this is native advertising - the editorial style and standards are the same as the paid content - however, this program is significantly different from others we've seen. 

In fact, members ought to why we selected this route at all. 

Why would a paid content site that does not even accept advertising or deliver any free reports (besides an occasional blog) outside the paywall, go "native"? 

It's starts with our mission: To provide the most and best 'how to' information on strategy and tactics for growing digital revenues using digital technology.  

While we founded MediaExecsTech.com, a review site for media technology, we absolutely recognize that "it's not about the bike."

That is, sometimes it is not  software alone that provides the dramatic successes we report; it is the specific tactics and strategies from the most successful users.

This is information worth sharing. And we'de like to share more.

So we've made technology companies in MediaExecsTech, the directory of rated reviewed media software and services and in our case studies are eligible for the Brand Insights program, which requires approval and consensus from our editorial team. 

Here are the key tenets of the program:  

1. Why Brand Insights partners require approval

We are interested in showcasing the best evolving media technology. We have to like it!

that means it has to be best of breed or if it's new and not thoroughly tested, it has to have at least some early metrics vouched for independently by its early media partners.

If we can, we will even use it ourselves in one of our related companies, such as a local digital agency that tests many of the new marketing software products. 

If you represent a media technology company and don't have a case study, contact our editor and be prepared to knock us out!  

2. Our Brand Insight partners can turn whole channels of reports free to non-members

This is the most internally debated and unique aspect of the program.

New LocalMediaInsider reports - as well as access to the archive - has always required membership. There is no nth article or other qualification for free versus paid.

However,  we are allowing Brand Insight partners to underwrite turning some channels  of independently created reports free, in return for placemnt of advertising with lead capture designed to direct high ROI for our super unique, high end B2B,  hard to reach, and ridiculously busy audience. 

3. All Brand Insights content is produced by LocalMediaInsider staff.

We know what our audience wants and expects. We also know that media tech companies with hundreds of partners often know more about the tactics and strategies that work than we do. Our job is to pry out their insights, and provide more of them, while maintain the standards members expect.

4. Native Brand Insights content is clearly marked.

Nothing is more important to us than the credibility of LocalMediaInsider, established over five years of sharing field-tested strategies from leading media innovators. Any content written in partnership with sponsors designed to promote concepts and strategies that favor their platforms - even when created independently -  is always clearly marked.

5. Brand Insights Content meets and exceeds the editorial standards of LocalMediaInsider's paid content.

That's a tall order and we take it seriously. This is a long term approach for a long term investment in a trade journal for media companies that we think has a long and prosperous future.

Join us! Subscribe to stay ahead of the pack, and get all the new free insights.

Or, if you are interested in this program, please call 408.892.9815 for information on the 2015 partnerships. 

Welcome to the inside!


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