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LocalMediaInsider's 2014 Top Ads Contest Has Started

Do you and/or your team create great campaigns for your clients? Have some serious digital chops? Then enter your best work by April 15 to be May's Top Ad Winner. Here's the full skinny on what you win, and what we want to see. Knock us out!

Copy this political media kit from the Richmond Times-Dispatch

The 2014 political media kit created at the Richmond Times-Dispatch exemplifies new strategies being deployed by print companies to simplify buys and gain market share in this key category. The 2012 version of this kit already pulled in huge dollars and this rock-star update will take advantage of the historic spending levels. Included are the key aspects that make this kit work and a link to the full e-book.

Papa John's Pizza Houston gets a request for coupon from 52% of Twitter "conversations"

Papa John's in Houston wanted to reach consumers one-to-one, while they were, literally, hungry. By tapping into the Social Compass platform, the brand responded to 250 to 500 Twitter conversations in real time, delivering offers via email. Here's how the campaign works.

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LocalMediaInsider's Top Ads Training class will take place Tuesday, March 25, 1 to 2 p.m. EDT. We'll cover 24 field-tested marketing ideas that helped advertisers grow customer lists, appointments and sales. This training uses real world campaigns from Top Ads Award-winners and other merchant case studies. Just log-in to register! If you are not a member, you are still invited to come with a three week free trial to LocalMediaInsider, so sign up below, and you will return to the registration link. Call 408.892.9815 for more information.
Best Practice

Fewer jobs and lower recruitment ad revenues are affecting sales at most local media companies. By early 2014, 14 of 25 sites surveyed by Borrell were down by an average of 38%. But some companies are out performing, due to the use of a variety of new tools … more


The Washington Post was one of the first companies to add social media as an upsell to the recruitment category, with 30 Twitter accounts that tweet to channels like #dcadmin, #dcpr, #dceducation, etc.

So is their value in adding automated technology from … more


While sites like Craigslist conquered classifieds, today, local media are starting to rebuild, using ad networks as well as their dominant social media brands. This report reviews one such opportunity, RealMatch, a recruitment ad network. Included are results … more

Quick study

Local media needs to be able to offer highly targeted buys - and that means close partnerships with a variety of ad networks. Here are the most important criteria to consider, with some recommendations and links to vendors. more

Case study

The Republican-American in Waterbury, Connecticut upsells most recruitment ads by placing them in niche networks … more

Special Report

Get a head start on the 2014 political advertising season. With $6 billion in local campaign spending on the table, the … more

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