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Kentucky legislature attack on public notices succeeds

In 2020 as state legislators adjourned or went on virus-related hiatus, it seemed as if attacks on public notice requirements would simply die out. Instead, in April, the newspaper industry received its first significant defeat in the last two years.

Part 1 - GhostBusters: Meet the local media newcomers

The buzzword for the problem is “ghost newspaper.” Part 1 in a series shows how the problem arose and focuses on the first of start-ups filling in the gap where newspapers cut back on the news.

RIP to Alt Weeklies?

Alternative weeklies have been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 crisis. Across the country, local media are making adjustments to survive current events.

Part 2 - Ghostbusters: The Richland Source, Mansfield Ohio

The buzzword for the problem is “ghost newspaper.” Part 2 in a series shows how Mansfield, Ohio newspaper The Richland Source taps into community interest to increase engagement.

Local media are now selling mass text subscriptions

Subtext is a new way for local media to send and manage mass text messages. The benefits are simple to understand:  Texts have a 90% view rate and allow reporters to talk one on one with their audience.

Google introduced its first live Subscribe with Google newspaper partnership with the Miami Herald at the 2019 Mega Conference. Some publishers were skeptical. We love it. Here is why. more

Case Study

Wehaa has created a new set of tools allowing local media to offer marketing to a new group: furniture stores. This … more


For Local Media, adding targeted email via a third provider such as Site Impact can augment the ability to advertise for local political candidates. more


We brought back the top ad award for this clever campaign by Amplified Media that rotates retail inventory through the banner ad using feedless technology. more


NewsGuardTech.com, the most promising of the initiatives to combat fake news, is now live with a team of "analysts" that have reviewed and rated about 2,000 media sites. more

Part 1

The most innovative initiatives at the 2019 Mega Conference were dominated by the increasingly massive survivors of the … more

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