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Create and grow a multi-million dollar events division

A step-by-step guide

est of Preps, annual awards given by the Chattanooga Times Free Press to high school athletes, used to lose money, but is now part of a multi-million dollar events division. Find out how to grow your own in this report.

Local media companies – whether television, radio or print - are developing multi-million dollar revenue streams in just a few years by creating an events division. This report gives a practical step-by-step "how to" start a profitable division, plus insider tips and tricks from market leaders: The Chattanooga Times Free Press, MediaOne of Utah and the Denver Post.

Download the attachment to for easy, step-by-step guidance on how to: 

• Select your first expo or banquet -  A look through "known winners" and new ideas that are having success. Includes key criteria to consider. 

• Organize personnel in the department - Who to hire first, second and third,  and when. Basic job descriptions. 

• Run events as a business - Three critical elements. Includes a template for an event P&L. 

• Set booth and sponsorship  bundles and pricing - Why vendors buy, and how to price and package sales with real world examples.

• Create ticket sales and content - Pricing formulas and content proven to bring out the crowds. 

• Get organized - Includes a template for a Day of Checklist, what goes on the master calendar, web site, timeline and review.

Quicklinks to resources

Sample high-end B2B sponsor package (attached)

Event P&L

Day of Checklist 

Pricing and packaging methodology

Samples of Vendor information packets, booth contracts, floorplans and sales flyers

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