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Back to basics means a healthy sales department that can "block and tackle" to increase digital revenues. Here are 15 basic steps from Robert Granfeldt, VP Digital Media, who recently executed an 85% year over year gain in 2011. Included are four worksheets to calculate a realistic assessment of your site sales - and sales reps contributions - plus metrics for pricing your site that show its full potential. These metrics are applicable across media more
Interested in real information about products and services your advertisers would buy from your sales representatives? Ask them. Plug this simple ten question survey into Survey Monkey or another vendor, and email to advertisers and prospects. more
Second Street Media selected two newspapers and one television station to share their best practices for gaining more revenues from their daily deals. Included is insight from KY3.com television site's top digital executive, Kent Olglesby in Missouri; Kelly Klein, director of sales at STLtoday.com, owned by the St. Louis Post Dispatch; and Courtney Caldwell, Digital Sales Manager of the Statesboro Herald in Georgia. Here is a summary from the webinar presented to Second Street's partnering media companies. more
Second Street Media's Deadline Deal has dozens of media partners. Here's a checklist of best practices from top-selling deal partners in print, television and radio. more
Your media company brand needs to be smart - all the way through. That means not just the sales teams, but everyone from the receptionist to the CFO. If you've winced hearing a new employee ask about "hits," consider handing out a glossary of basic internet terms. We've copied one below for you to use as a starting point. more
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