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Whether you are working with an organization that reps your site or selling directly to national marketers, these ten tips will maximize revenues. They are summarized from a presentation by Joe Larkin, Vice President of Sales for Village Voice Media Group, the largest selling alliance for alternative weeklies speaking at the Association of Alternative NewsMedia (AAN) 2012 Online Conference. more
One dramatic tactic to focus the sales effort on year-over-year increases is the use of travel incentive programs - that is, awarding trips to advertisers in return for meeting specific spending targets. The total pay-off in increased sales is well into six figures at Hudson Valley Media Group. Here's how the program works. more
Kirk Davis, CEO, Gatehouse Media, is tasked with transforming a group of 300 newspapers many of them in very small cities that sprawl across the east coast of the U.S. What does he think about first? People strategies. Here are ten take-aways from his talk at the SNA/Blinder Revenue Summit, on people: Hiring them, firing them, changing them. more
One method of interviewing for key strengths is to use "behavioral testing," by creating a series of experiential questions. Simply put, ask the candidate to recall a specific time in which they demonstrated the quality you are looking for. Here is a list behaviorial questions for key telemarketing strengths from Cape Sales Development, a leading telemarketing outsourcing company and trainer in the local media space. more
Digital First Media was one of the first print companies to give video cameras to sales reps and reporters. But what kind of training do sales people need to use the devices in the field? At the Pottstown Mercury, video sales projects range from multi-media dining guides to Bartender of the Year Contests. Jared Semet, Online Sales Manager, shared this video starter kit. more
The Oklahoman launched a sales contest in 2011 that drove more than $2 million in new revenues, and transformed the organization. The contest includes aggressive, sports-themed teams, swtiching sales managers and dropping siloed sales roles. Here's step-by-step how they did it, with results and lessons learned. more
Cox Media is just completing a major drive to retrain 1200 employees in digital using a team of outside trainers. Here's who they chose, how they scaled the training and measured results. more
Source Media in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, recently deployed a new media agnostic team of four "hunters" and reorganized it's existing team to focus on growing the new accounts. Find out how they did it, and the early results. more
One of the top performing television station interactive departments, according to Borrell & Associates, is Draper Holdings' WBOC in Salisbury. Here are key strategies that led to 59% digital growth in 2010, and 200% this year, including their Facebook strategy, sales structure, and directory play. more
Sun Media Corp. is Canada's largest publisher of tabloids and community publications. In two years, it increased its sell-through rate of display advertising for four top websites to more than 80 percent, and increased prices from below $5 to $22 CPM. Here is an a breakdown of how the effort, led by Michael Christensen, ramped up digital sales. more
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