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Buffalo News boosted digital sales by $600,000 with a new CRM and incentive contest. This case study shows how the initiative worked, including the CRM vendor, launch strategy, ongoing tactics and results. more
The Oklahoman, owned by OPUBCO, is reaping six to seven figure increases from its new CRM system, SalesTouch by AdMall. The system has also been adopted by the Southbend Tribune, Reminder Media, The Kansas City Star, Denver Post and WKEF-WRGT-TV. The case study shows how the system works, key concepts, pricing and revenue metrics. Required reading for LocalMediaInsider members. This vendor is an editor's pick. more
Most local media struggle to monetize mobile platforms, blaming screen size, burgeoning inventory and low network rates. So why is it that, according to Borrell & Associates, a few media companies stand out from the pack and earn in the range of $40 to $50 million from mobile? This case study outlines the basic formula of one of the companies that is most successful at mobile sales, Belo Interactive. The case study includes choice of apps to develop, which apps succeed and fail, go-to market sales strategies, key categories responsible for most mobile sales, with examples, results and lessons learned. more
Local media companies play to their strengths by selecting initiatives they are largely already staffed for and competent to execute. But this workable approach sometimes creates tactical thinking, rather than strategy. The first question when addressing a franchise opportunity - such as wedding services - is strategic. Here's how to ROI the opportunities. more
Seminars educating local merchants about social media are by far the most effective method of signing up merchants to new, in-house digital services offerings. Here's how to hold a great workshop, including how to market it, where to hold it, what to cover, a sure-fire way to get attendees to stay and sign up for a follow-up appointment, countdown planning calendar and workshop checklist - all from a media partner that has held workshops for 5000+ merchants. more
At Schurz Communications, 89% of the mobile dollars are sold by broadcast sites, even though company-owned newspaper sites are more numerous. What are the secrets to success? This case study shines a light on five key ingredients at Schurz' most successful mobile sales effort, closing in on $200,000 in mobile revenues for 2012 in a mid-sized market of Springfield, Mo. Use these real world strategies - along with our ten steps for creating a winning mobile sales strategy - to launch a mobile sales effort - or amp them up to stellar performance. Included are pricing, packaging, target accounts and sales organization issues. more
Here's how Federated Interactive is growing sales of streaming and other digital products from infancy to a significant profit center. Included is a One Day Sales package for streaming, with resources, pricing and packaging. Also in the playbook: banner sales, text programs, Facebook sales, and new digital-only radio channels. Also find a list of technology partners which make these initiatives work. more
LIM has confirmed outstanding results from launch of a rich media ad unit from Broadcast Interactive Media. A two-day launch sales of a new ad unit in each of three markets generated $100,000 plus. CTR's are much higher than other rich media units. Here are two case studies, with promotional materials, pricing and packaging, launch tactics and resources required. more
Taking full advantage of political advertising requires a strategic plan. Even broadcast sites with sold-out onair inventory can create more digital inventory and sell new audiences (email, opt-in, etc.) via partnerships. This white paper gives a step-by-step go-to-market battle strategy, and a worksheet to create a political advertising plan. Included are case studies from two local media companies who have successfully ramped up revenues and and a slide deck of statistics to use in competitive messaging. Get ready for the 2014 political season. more
Just getting started? These ten basic steps to a winning strategy mobile are gleaned from the smartest sellers of mobile advertising in 2012. They boil down product, pricing, packaging, sales teams and target accounts, and partnerships. A lot of moving pieces, but this is what makes good programs work. more
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