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Stuff you need: Vendor packets, contracts and more


Planning an expo? Keep all the information for vendors neatly organized on the event site. Include:

• Vendor booth contract

• Vendor information packet

• Vendor sales flyer

• Show floor plans

• Event video (if there is one)

Please see the attached examples. Particularily interesting is the floor plan for the kids expo - notice all the activities areas! Also attached is a floor plan for a smaller, evening bridal expo - great for markets that already have a stong annual event. Finally, the sales flyer for the man expo combined with the booth space gives some good ideas for how to package that type of event. 

Also see the vendor area of the Chattanooga Times' Signature Events; it's very well organized.

To see another version of a merchant information kit (attached above left) here is  another standard version from MediaOne of Utah:

What A Women Wants Expo

Date and time

Booth #________________

SETUP: Setup is Thursday from Noon until 7 p.m. Drive in times will be sent in an email closer to the show. Bring a dolly if you need one there are none there to rent. Your 10x10 booth comes with pipe and drape, a 6 ft x 30” skirted table (per 10x10 space), 2 chairs, a company identification sign 7” x 30”, wastebasket or if you are a crafter booth, you will need to provide your own tables and chairs. You will pick up your exhibitor badges at this time for your staff.

PARKING: Park in the back of the exhibit hall so customers will have a place to park out front. Overflow parking is across State Street in front of Workers Compensation, and north at Jordan Commons.

POWER: Call GES Services/Tina Harward’s at 801-656-1940 for rates for power and extras. INTERNET &PHONE LINE: To order please call 801-565-4411

TICKETS: You will receive 50 free tickets with each 10x10 booth you purchase. Pass these before you come with your business name and booth # in the stub portion. You also have 2 posters in your kit. Please put them at your place of business or a store that is near by that gets a lot of traffic. You will also receive an electronic ticket. There is a place you put your name and booth # on it and send it out to everyone you have an email address for to come for free. We will have a contest, whoever has the most customers that bring in the e-tickets and tickets with their name on it, will win a free booth at the next show of their choice.

Bag Stuffing: We will be stuffing 2000 bags for the Early Birds. Please provide an item or items to giveaway of $50 value in exchange for stuffing your item. Please provide a coupon 4 1/4 x 5 1/2stuffer item or magnet in the amount that you wish to have placed in the bags by September 10th. Please have your item delivered to 4770 South 5600 West, West Valley City, UT 84170 attn: Marie Bowcut. Your giveaway must accompany your bag stuffer item.

SELLING: Please list your prices for any services offered at the show on your table. If you are offering a free service, please note that as well. Selling is permitted and encouraged at the show. Utah State Tax Commission will be

around before the show on Friday with information. You must fill the form out and return it within 10 days to avoid a penalty.

MOVE IN & OUT: Exhibitors must man their booths at all show hours, we will not responsible for stolen items. All floors should be covered with carpet, wood or foam and tables covered. All materials used in exhibits must be fire retardants. No paper banners allowed, vinyl is accepted. No straw or hay bales. All accounts must be paid in full before you move in. Early move out is prohibited. Carpet must be rolled up on isles before carts can roll out and exit the building. You can drive in to load out after the carpet is up, it usually takes 20 minutes.

There should be no hazardous material of any kind brought onto the premises of the South Towne expo center. Exhibits must meet safety and fire regulations. The Fire Marshall or authorized agent reserves the right to confiscate or demand removal of any exhibit materials not meeting regulations.


  • Media One will not be responsible for theft that may occur at the show.

  • -   Use common sense to make sure your merchandise and equipment are protected.

  • -   Cover and lock items on display after setup is complete.

  • Lock-up or take home expensive items overnight.

 The expo is open to the public. The responsibility for safeguarding your exhibit is yours.

DRAWINGS: We will be making hourly announcements of winners. Please have what you would like to give a way written on a business card along with what time and day you would like to have it given away and your booth number. You can drop your cards off when you check in on Thursday at the information booth. We will be giving all prizes away the days of the event.

OPENING: The doors for vendors will open at 9:00 a.m. The show will open to the public at 10:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. We will have a vendor shopping hour Saturday morning starting at 9:00 a.m. Please arrange to have someone in your booth to sell while you walk around. To get the most out of the two days stand up and talk with people! Your staff and any items must remain within the 10x10 perimeters of your booth, nothing on the carpet. 3 people are the maximum allowed per 10x10 space at a time. If you are using a microphone, please keep it low as not to disturb your neighbors.

Independent Business Owners: Please promote your products and after the sell make an appointment to get to know your customer better! It gets overwhelming for customers when everyone wants them to join in their business at the show.

FOOD ITEMS: There is a policy from Utah Food Services of NO water bottles or food larger than one ounce to be passed out unless the item is purchased from them. Please see forms attached for sampling or selling food items. If you have a food item, a fee will need to be paid to Utah Food Services. Individually wrapped candy of 1 oz or less is acceptable. All drinks that are sampled need to be in a 2 ounce Dixie Cup. Please let me know if you need a form from Utah Food Services to be accepted for a food item. Any questions, please call Todd Patterson 801-347-4703.

MEALS: The concession stand will be open for food or drink purchases during the show. You can order them in advance by visiting their website www.utahfoodservices.com click on Conventions and then Exhibitor booth menu.
BALLOONS: There are to be no helium balloons unless weighted down and tethered. No helium tanks are allowed at the South Towne Expo Center during the show.

ALCOHOL: No selling or drinking alcohol of any kind is allowed on the South Towne Expo Center premises. You will be asked to leave if you bring any in.

TEAR DOWN: is Saturday night 6:00 10:00 p.m. Please don’t take down early. It looks unprofessional and you never know the best customer might be there at the end of the show!

Questions? Please call or email (name, phone, email)
Looking for a place to stay? We recommend (name of hotel, address, contact)


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