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Dreamstyle Remodeling uses Micro-proximity

Targeting competitors locations in a multi-state campaign


Client: Dreamstyle RemodelingHome Remodeling

Media:  Hubbard Broadcasting, KOBTV

Market: Albuquerque new Mexic

Digital marketer: Kurt Christopher  

R&D: AdCellerant programmatic software



Dreamstyle has multiple stores across five states and wanted to find a way to find people who are interested in remodeling a home and ready to buy.


The KOBTV team approached the client with the idea of using microproximity targeting  through AdCellerant's programmatic platform. That is, they  targeted a list of addresses, in this case, each competitor  locations in all the markets where their stores were also located. People visiting competitor's stores saw the ads on  their mobile devices while they were physically in-store, plus   “Look back” retargeting continued to deliver the impressions to the same devices for  30 days. 

The total map of targeted addresses “was huge, with dots all over the place,” Christopher said,  including stores in five different DMA in five states.

Different remodeled  products were promoted based on the different locations. In Albuquerque the ads ran featuring stucco,  sunrooms and hot tubs. San Diego’s ten to 12 stores featured Anderson windows, as did about 12 locations in northern Arizona and in Tuscon and in Idaho.


Results and lessons learned:  

CTR’s for this group ranged  from .13 to .21. However the client could not set up the tracking code on their own site, so it was impossible “to directly link the campaign to sales and conversions. "We really could not show it to them"  Christopher said. So while the inquiries to the site were high, the client never fully appreciated the buy and ‘headed in a different direction.”

Placing the  tracking codes on the site and thinking through “what will count” as a conversion or a success can be as important as creating a campaign the gets numerous spy-targeted click thoughts


Editor's notes: 

An obvious issue here is the ability to place the tracking codes and look back tracking codes on the client site. We've seen this issue before with remodelers who ue a  site built  on the Houzz platform, while it is integrated with a fantastic marketer, thre are other restrictions that don't allow for use of Moz and placement of code within the site easily. However, there is much to like about this campaign - the CTR's are outstanding  and the audience is about as narrowly targeted as you can get. Microproximity is a new tool that can work for a variety of clients look for new ways to reach customers, including targeting huge audiences at trade shows. B2B marketers can provide a list of prospect and serve them ads at theiri location to 'look big" immediately and build brand awareness. Boat sellers can target people in marinas in the area. So many good ideas for this functionality. 


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