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Straus Media to relaunch its sites on Protecmedia’s CMS

Milenium offers 'write once, output anywhere' CMS and Straus Media is the first U.S. media to put it to work.


Straus Media, a New York Group of 17 community weeklies in contiguous cities including Manhattan, Southeastern New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, will be the first U.S. newspaper group to relaunch sites on Milenium, a CMS system by Protecmedia.

Protecmedia, a European company with $22 million in revenues, recently entered the U.S. market with Milenium, a CMS with a lower price point but all of the core benefits Protecmedia provides to some of the worlds largest international newspapers:  cloud-based operations and a data-driven workflow.

“We wanted to create a centralized workflow for multiple small papers across multiple devices, with some shared content,” said Jean Straus, publisher at Straus Media.

“At the end of the day, we want our pages to be beautiful on print and on any device.”

Efficients created by the platform allow minimal staff time to produce better looking pages across devices and brands, according to Thad Swidersky, CEO of Etype Services, which represents Protecmedia in the U.S.

When Protecmedia, an investor in Etype Services, lowered the price point for the software for the release of Milenium, Swidersky was invited to represent the company here in the states.

“Cloud-based seats also allows multiple users to log-in from anywhere.”

This newspaper is Protecmedia’s first U. S. Customer, although the company services newspapers throughout Canada and South America. He said he first met Straus at an NNA conference.

“She told us a little about the issues and we kept talking,” Swidersky said. “Milenium is incredible software. By the end of the first demo she said ‘let’s go’.”

Swiderski says the secret sauce is the combination of a cloud-based platform and database driven workflow that allows content to deploy seamlessly, without designers or transition programs, into templates customized for each device.

“It truly is a ‘write once, output everywhere,” he said.

Etype Services, which develops software of its own for small newspapers in towns with a population typically under 30,000, targets smaller communities.

The relaunch of Straus’ newspaper sites is scheduled to begin in June.


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