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Launching a Group Deal Program

Go for it!

If you are looking at setting up a group deal program, this is the report you will need. Click on the attachment below to find out:

•What staff to put in place and how to compensate them

•How long will it take and how many deals will need to be pre-sold

•Choosing the right brand for your program

•What revenues to expect per deal

•How to prioritize which local businesses to approach and what parameters to set for deals

•Examples of deals that did well and deals that did not “tip”

•Pricing the program

•How to compete with Groupon and Living Social in your market

•Launching a weekly group deal

•Key questions when choosing a vendor

•Worksheet on the Group Deal Business model

Please scroll down to find attachment below.

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  • southfire

    Why would you have a downloadable document that is NOT a PDF? I have it but the fonts are scrambled in several places.

    Sunday, November 28, 2010 Report this

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