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JRC recommends a dozen key vendors

Alisa Cromer
Turn your site into a citywide HOA
NHRegister.com shows off its video chops
A good place to look at some of this technology in action is the nhregister.com, the site for the New Haven Register, whose ever popular police blotter is featured here.
These summaries are faster and easier than watching the show. Plus, less shouting.

At the Journal Register Company (JRC),  a companywide technology initiative called the Ben Franklin Project freed the company from millions in CMS expenditures by using open source solutions. However, a variety of technology tools and partnerships are still deployed to advance digital sales. Here are a dozen software tools and partnerships recommended by  Adam Burnham, VP, Local Sales:

This company provides a content management system for auto and real estate classifieds, but it is more than just a platform for listings. Burnham says the software "allows us to back fill listings with other real estate and auto classifieds  creating critical mass. Having the most listing content you can on the site is critical for our audience."  

In addition to the MLS-style widget, there are are upsells to featured properties and agents. "We are monetizing many components on the platform including listings, featured dealers/agents and featured vehicles/properties." The business model is licence-based.


Gabriel Cianchetto, director of Sales and Marketing
212-741-0700 ext. 115
(mobile) 917-887-8815

2. Jivox for Publishers

This video-ad-building engine enables production people without advanced video editing skills to create and launch video inside banner ad positions  or in video content, on the internet. Ad creation is  self-serve, so production can create video ads on the fly. JRC also uses  Kantar media reports to  tracks broadcast advertisers, which are redeployed inhouse for the internet via Jivox tools. Business model is pay-per-ad; there is also a white label revenue share model.

Contact Alp Peckkocak, Director of Marketing



A  Kantar's contact is Scott Stern, Sales Director, Eastern Regon, Newspaper, (215)736.2468. kantarmediana.com

3. SeeClickFix
See Click fix is an editorial widget that allows visitors  to comment on neighborhood issues such as potholes, with a call to action to get things fixed.  To report a problem, users click on a map and email the problem in. After problems are posted, visitors can give their email to follow reports on the particular issue.The widget is included on the home page and widely popular in most JRC markets.

To get problems fixed, the media company sets up relationships with city officials in charge of fixes, or watch groups, and can automatically deliver reports. The cost is $40 to $100 per month. All versions include the ability to export complaints to excel, the most advanced includes mobile apps, CRM integration, auto-email of the excel reports, citizen contests and peorsonalized e-mails.  Burnham says this is always a popular feature and traffic builder on JRC sites. 

Contact Emma Richards
Phone: (203) 752-0777


4. TruMeasur

This is a third party service that provides detailed metrics on post click analytics, plus includes a call tracking number and email capture.  The way it works is simpler  than major services that require posting java script on the client's web site. The media company simply emails the URL of the landing page or site to TruMeasure, which creates a mirror proxy page or site in minutes, then emails back the new URL to use as the banner ad destination page. The mirror site tracks and provides data on what visitor dopost-click, including page views, unique  visitors, time on site, exit URL, phone calls, and e-mails. 
"Layering this report onto campaign has been helpful," Burham says. The cost is $10 per set up and $10 per month, or for larger clients there are volume discounts.

Contact Charity Huff, Partner



5. TheStreet.net

TheStreet.net provides summaries of Jack Kramer's financial reports and  has been a huge hit at JRC sites, both with viewers and advertisers. Burnham calls  the report "highly profitable" and one of  the most viewed features throughout JRC with one million pages views in Michigan, as of May, 2011. It has both a national revenue share, and placement for local advertisers.  Contact  james.freiman@thestreet.com.

6. AfterCollege.com
Aftercollege.com has relationships with every major colllege to provide a job board for students and recent graduates.  It partners with media companies as a recruitment upsell. In the case of JRC, it is sold in combination with Monster.com.

"We layer on AfterCollege.com to target a different group of job seeker: graduates and students," Burnham says. Currently JRC is upselling 45% of all job listings to After College.

Contact Katie Martin
Regional Sales Manager, Partnerships
7163 S. Poplar St.
Centennial, CO 80112
303 955 8904
cell 303 507 1503

7. Syndicaster
Syndicaster aggregates video  created by  journalists and other users, then allows them to be edited "in the cloud" into video clips,  then provides the online video player and ad server (it is not an editing service).   Burnham says the platform has saved  time and server space for the department, and is instrumental in providing inventory for high CPM ads.

"JRC is selling Pre-roll to monetize our video content at a high level, using this platform."  

Contact Adam Handman 877-262-5477

8. Affinity  

Affinity is an outsourcing solution for video editing.  The fast off-site professional video editing services work well for the kind of short, one minute or 30 second videos that advertising executives can shoot, (some of these are loaded on Jivox). Affinity edits the video and adds voiceovers, producing a professional look and feel for project like multi-media restaurant guides, or the bartender profiles in the Best Bartender contest. Video editiing costs  a few hundred dollars each, depending on the complexity.

"As part of our digital first strategy, we have engaged them to produce both print and digital ads as well as edit videos.  We will continue to look at other options down the road that will allow JRC to focus on content and sales."

Contact David Kang, CDO, 908-723-6437

9. Sharepoint

Another super-userful tool is Sharepoint, a cloud-based file sharing system.  "It allows web access from anywhere to collect relevant research material, marketing slides, or entire sales presentations…whatever we decide to make available for our sales teams.  It can also serve as a centralized calendar which allows us to update local sales initiatives to keep everyone informed on what is coming next," Burnham says. Subscribe on line at sharepoint.com.

10. Comscore

When agencies are pitched, a key source for site data is Comscore which agencies use to verify site numbers, since they don't have direct access to Google Analytics. Data from Comscore has also been instrumental in helping gain national business, since it rolls up the sites to show larger numbers.

"Using Comscore, JRC can show aggregated audience to national advertisers and has secured major Centro buys. For example, JRC properties rank, collectively, #3 in Philadephia, and therefore, have become, collectively, and important buy," Burnham said.  

11.  Matchbin.com

This directory software that is launching a variety of competitive paroducts in the SEM, SEO and reputation management space, which Burnham says reps are selling well across his markets. Business model is a launch fee plus revenue share.

Contact Dennis Mulcahy, 801.245.0887, dennis.mulcahy@Matchbin.com

12. CentroLift

Besides working with Centro the ad agency that places national buys across the networ of sites, JRC is partnering with CentroLift, which allows their sales reps to be the exclusive media sales representatives for a local ad network put together by Centro. To request information on becoming the exclusive reseller in your DMA, contact Shawn Riegsecker, Founder & President, (312)39-3332, (312)285-8727 mobile, shawn.riegsecker@centro.net.

Many thanks to Adam Burnham, VP of Local Advertising for sharing his recommendations for software and technology partners that have made a difference at JRC

Alisa Cromer

The author, Alisa Cromer is publisher of a variety of online media, including LocalMediaInsider and  MediaExecsTech,  developed while on a fellowship with the Reynolds Journalism Institute and which has evolved into a leading marketing company for media technology start-ups. In 2017 she founded Worldstir.com, an online magazine,  to showcases perspectives from around the  world on new topic each month, translated from and to the top five languages in the world.

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