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Best Ecommerce Strategies

Best deals strategy, best new travel strategy, best travel strategy


Best Ecommerce Strategies

Best Deals Strategy

Company: Schurz

Market: KY3-TV - Springfield, MO

Kent Oglesby

Key executive: Kent Oglesby, Digital Media Coordinator

Judges take: “They do a fantastic job with their ecommerce strategy. Here's a case study from Second Street Media.  Located in a 75 DMA, this Schurz market consistently innovates a deal strategy that includes a daily deal, golf card sale of $40,000, numerous them stores that generated another $65,000 so far in 2014, not counting the year end Holiday Store. Their entire sales teams trained in promotions university including deals in 2014. 

Best New Travel Strategy

Company: Utah Media Group

Initiative: Utah.com

Market: Deseret Digital Media - Salt Lake City, UT

Population: 2,389,225

Eric Bright

Key executive: Eric Bright, VP of eCommerce

Judges take: Deseret Digital tackled a key category with a high degree of difficulty with its travel site. Core to the strategy was an initial partnership with Eventrez Solutions, created by a Park City hotelier that gave them a host of distressed vacations for deals at 7 to 15 days and 30 to 50 days. But that was just a start. Equally essential was the acquisition of key domain names such as Utah.com, which hosts travel (“Panda or no Panda,” says Eric Bright, who heads up the program) and other domains with unique audiences and their own traffic, such as travelutah.com and saltlake.com. Under Brights direction, the sites are designed around a transactional rather than advertising model.

Best Travel Strategy 

Company: MetroPublishing, Inc.

Division: Boulevards New Media, Inc.

Key executive: Dan Pulcrano, CEO

Judges take: With a head start of registering the 22 largest city.com domains in the country, and 14 years of practice developing ecommerce around travel products from hotel rooms to golf games and restaurant bookings, this alternative weekly group has been way ahead of the game in transactional revenue growth.

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