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Wehaa releases inventory ads for furniture stores

Local newspapers host virtual furniture sales with feedless technology


A new set of tools from Wehaa gives local media a new way to offer marketing to local furniture stores:  One newspaper client is hosting virtual furniture sales events and promotions using feedless technology integrated with social media marketing. 

Wehaa, a leading provider of white label turnkey virtual promotions for newspapers and magazines, says the tools are ideal for holiday sales like July 4th and Memorial Day. 

Here’s how it works: First the feedless technology pulls inventory into a 970 x 250 inventory banner ad: 

Then, the same promotions run on dynamic carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram: 

When an end user sees something they like and clicks, they are sent directly to the product page. 

With a UTM tracking code provided by Wehaa for each click, the local media is able to show the advertiser not only critical campaign statistics but the whole picture. The reports show post-click user paths for each product and ad type on the website and social media, social targeting criteria, and estimated sales data. 

Other features include optional local tracking for local phone numbers, with the call data embedded directly into the analytics and the actual phone recording. 

Reverse publishing is another option.

Pricing is on a per retailer basis and set so publishers can charge 10 times the wholesale price. 

Furniture Store Promotions uses the same engine as Virtual Sales Events, which has powered virtual promotions for autos, RV’s and trucks for years. Adapting the platform for furniture was a natural progression, and opens the door for other home-based categories such as appliances and lighting. 

“Helping newspapers and magazines take advantage of brand equity and hyper-local users is what Wehaa is all about,” says VP of Sales, Kevin Collins. 

“Newspapers are overburdened and understaffed, so making things handsfree and virtually turnkey, is one of the big value propositions.”

The software is so adaptive that one rural publisher is considering a bull promotion, he said. 

“Get creative, we love it. Get a lead and don’t look back.”

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