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One more skeptic bites the dust: Greg Sterling finds iPad "mesmorizing"


I'm a sucker for good writing and Sterling is usually dry as a bone. Not bad writing, just... clinical. Detached. After all he's writing about technology, right? Until he got his new iPad. For Sterling to get all personal with the iPad is a 2010 version of "if Mikey Likes it." Check out an excerpt from his latest post:

"However the fact that its screen is large and you can carry it with you on the bed, in the bathroom, on the couch is what makes this such an interesting and compelling piece of aluminum and glass. It’s too early to tell but the iPad has an aura of leisure around it. I spent this morning reading the online version of the NY Times in my kitchen on the iPad and answering email. GMail on the iPad, by the way, is very nicely done and very satisfying.

I haven’t done enough with it yet to know how it fits in to my digital activities entirely. I can tell you however that it has displaced my iPod Touch already, which had taken the place of my PC for many tasks.

I have to say that the device, in the end, is “unnecessary” — but then so was the iPhone."

Give it up: The iPad satisfies our emotional needs. Apparently there is something about the "comfort" of print that was not just about paper. We're not sure what it is, but recently I heard the marketing director of the New York Times talk around his research on this subject due to an NDA. Basically, he was still able to say that there is a reason (NYTimes is researching) that given the free access of the internet, people are still buying the papers, and it has to due with a feeling that they've "gotten the news," ie a sense of "completion" about being an informed person because a newspaper, well, has an end.

Note here: All the feelings involved!

Greg Sterling's full blog is at screenwerk.com.


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