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15 key RFP questions for certificate store partners

Alisa Cromer

What do you need to know to select a certificate store (this is not a group deal provider, but a store for on-going deals)? Here are fifteen key questions we vetted with heads of interactive who have launched deal stores in their markets:

1. Does the platform offer a white label option? 

2. What is the redemption process  (ie will certificates be  mailed to customers,  or is their another mechanism)?

4. What is the current status and short term plans for mobile search and redemption?

5. How will the service integrate or bundle with other existing discount channels and a daily group deal program?

6. What other media partners does the company have and how much revenue have first year partners with similar traffic typically made?

7. What is the revenue split with the media partner?

8. Is the program exlusive by DMA? 

10. Is there a national network that could sell into my market and if so, what is the split? 

11. Is there customer service for the publisher (live person work week or 24-7?), for the merchant and/or end consumer (live person, or chat during work week or 24/7)?

12. What are best practices in pricing, packaging and sales? (It's a good idea to learn about strategies upfront)

13. Who do you consider  competitors and what differentiates your company?

14. How long has the company been offering partnerships, what is the background of key people,ability  to sustain future development.

15. I the partnership doesn't work, is there an exit option, ie how do you get our customers out of the store and into a new one, if needed to?

White labeling platforms is no longer essential, and can be outweighed by other factors. On the other hand, exclusivity by DMA may be important if this is a key program. Other things equal - such as customer service and mobile delivery and redemption - take a look at the design and interfaces How are the deals are displayed on the home page? How many clicks does it take to find the right deals?  Walk through the check-out process. How easy is it to buy? 

Note: Deal stores include Halfoffdepot (partnered with Knoxnews.com) and Halfoffdeals, and two stores reviewed here designed by altweeklies for their own sites and now available on an affiliate basis. 

Alisa Cromer

The author, Alisa Cromer is publisher of a variety of online media, including LocalMediaInsider and  MediaExecsTech,  developed while on a fellowship with the Reynolds Journalism Institute and which has evolved into a leading marketing company for media technology start-ups. In 2017 she founded Worldstir.com, an online magazine,  to showcases perspectives from around the  world on new topic each month, translated from and to the top five languages in the world.

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