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Premier Pools micro-proximity campaign targeted local home show attendees onsite

Priced out of a big convention? No problem

Premier Pools targeted the home show attendees using Micro-Proximity.
Daniel Anderson showed the client how to avoid paying the ever increasing home show booth fees, and reach attendees in a new way.

Client: Premier Pools

Company: Hubbard Interactive

Market: Minneapolis, St. Paul

Account Executive: Daniel Anderson

Media Technology: Micro-proximity via AdCellerant’s platform  

Situation: Anderson, who sells radio, digital and social media, visited Premier Pools, a single location retailer, on a cold call. The company was discouraged with radio but had a new challenge: The area Home Show they usually attend had raised the rates to an unsustainable level for them. 

Home Shows around the country have attracted so many pool and spa companies that the levels are super-competitive. So, Premier wanted to both have a presence at the show, and not to pay for a booth, on the two weekends the show was held.


Strategy: Anderson created a micro-targeted, new digital campaign to run about 100,000 impressions to people attending the Home Show while they were physically there during the two weekends of the show at the end of February, with “look back” ads served to anyone who had clicked for the next month. The campaign targeted people in the show's location, and if they clicked, continued to follow them online. 

The ads clicked through to a landing page on the main website. And, a pixel tracked viewers to show where the results came from.

Results: A total of 117,953 impressions were served with 180 click throughs. The store sold five hot tubs, more than they had with a presence at the show. They were not able to track exactly which buyers came from the campaign, but felt confident that it helped drive the new business. The client had tried radio in the past, without success and a secondary result was that they signed up for a two-year program.

Here are the tracking results about half way through: 

Lessons Learned

“One of the great things we have is a digital marketing strategist, and she is awesome. If something does come up, we can have her meet with  the client, do an audit, and make the call all about them and what we offer.”

Congratulations to Daniel Anderson and the team at Hubbard Media for a great campaign for Premier Pools. 


Daniel Anderson


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