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Non-traditional Revenue Initiatives


Non-traditional Revenues

Best Overall Non-traditional Revenues

Company: Utah Media Group

Market: Deseret Digital Media - Salt Lake City, UT

Population: 1,953,000

Key executives:


Brent Low                  Todd Handy

President/CEO            VP Advertising Strategies, Deseret Digital

Judges take: Utah Media Group has a clear focus on building fast-growing non-traditional  revenue streams. The five components besides the events category (above) include, with LMI estimates of 2014 increases, magazines (up 20%), direct mail (up 20%), digital agency (up 40%) the real estate brokerage, travel site and marketplace sales of discount certificates. “The gap between us and the industry is getting bigger” said Low during an interview earlier this year. “Digital is not enough to replace the business loss. Wholistically, it’s not digital that’s making up the difference.”

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