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Auto dealer rocks Memorial Day with expandable campaign

Making display ads bigger pays off with 433 leads for the dealership

Maureen McCann

Media: Times Publishing Company, Erie Times-News, www.GoErie.com

Platform: Impact Engine

Key Executives: Andrea Kwiatek, Account Executive; Tom Krawiec, Digital Consultant; Andrew Kochirka, Graphic Designer; Amy Izbicki, Sales Manager

Client: Interstate Mitsubishi  

Market: Erie, PA

Campaign name: We Have the Car For You

Challenge: After Interstate Mitsubishi in Erie, PA found out that their SUV brand, Outlander, had been awarded SUV Crossover of the Year, by Kelley Bluebook, recognized by greenercars.org and named IIHS top safety pick, the dealership's owner turned to Times Publishing and GoErie.com to coordinate the message to the public - and sell more cars.

"The biggest thing he wanted was to make sure that his print, online and short TV spots were tieing in," said Tom Krawiec, Digital Account Manager.

"Leasing was the angle they were going with because it has the highest residual value. And customers can get in to a nice affordable payment."

Concept: The slogan, "We have a deal for you" became the title of the campaign. Other hot button phrases in the artwork included "Everyone qualifies," a low leasing monthly price of $199, and the MPG number next to a gas tank.  

Different banners were created to feature one car each, rather than cramming too many cars into the small space. A third banner ad was created just to promote the Interstate Mitsubishi brand, and link to the sale.

Additionally, during the three days selected for the sale, the buy including a site takeover ad, tv and print, all honing in on the same message.

The pushdown in action can be seen here: http://impactengine.com/projects/preview/234981

These are the three rotating banners:

A screen shot of the home page take over:

The online ads ran 175,000 impressions before and during Memorial Day, May 12th, 19th and Memorial day, the 26th. Clicks were directed to the dealerships website for follow up by sales persons there. During the same period, the group also ran several short TV spots and 3 print ads.

Results: The total potential customers clicking to inquire was 488. Of the clicks tracked digitally, the expander (created with Impact Engine's platform) generated more than three times more than the banner ads; the total for the banner was about 108 clicks, while the total for the expander ad was 380.

Knowing his client, Krawiec says, "If it wasn't working he would not have continued."   

The campaign has continued for several months.

Congratulations to Tom Krawiec and the team as runner ups in LocalMediaInsider's Premium Ad Challenge.

Tom Krawiec, OnLine Sales Consultant, GoErie.com/CyberInk

Andrew Kochirka, Graphic Designer, CyberInk


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