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Evvnt partners with Site Impact to add targeted email for event listings

The new model adds revenues to local calendars


Local media have a new automated way to increase revenues from local calendar listings: Adding targeted email promotion to the buy.

The functionality is made possible via a new partnership between Evvnt Inc., and Site Impact, the largest white label email partner for media companies.

Evvnt Inc’s platform has been getting notice for its new revenue model executives say is a way to earn higher revenues from the events listing franchise. Evvnt uses a ‘freemium’ model with a strong upsell: The premium buy puts the event listing in the newspaper (on a reverse-published page) but also syndicates it to an average of 40 to 60 additional local events listing platforms, Eventbrite, Eventful, radio and news sites, as well as voice feed to Alexa.

The new partnership with Site Impact allows customers to add targeted email promotions from their dashboard after the sale, further increasing the order size. Evvnt's CEO Richard Green said the average newspaper client is targeted at generating $50k to $250k per paper a year from events using the platform, which operated off a revenue share to the media company and has no licensing fee.

The email process is also fully automated:  When a customer clicks the “promote by email” button they instantly view their listing re-deployed into an email template:

The size of the target email audiences for that category in that city is determined using Site Impact’s proprietary list of 145 million records with 750 filters; from age, gender, geographic location and income, to behavior and level of interest.

The customer can use a slider to add and remove local opt-ins to calculate the price.

After checkout, the Email goes out within 24 hours.

“Consumers love email and we wanted to make it as simple as possible for local event organizers to create and send communications marketing their events to a targeted opt-in audience,” said Richard Green, CEO of Evvnt Inc.

“Our mission was to enable customers to create, target and send an email in 3 clicks, to an audience of up to 500,000 potential local customers, with no technical expertise required. Site Impact has the largest owned-email list and the most sophisticated targeting platform. They are the ideal partner to achieve this goal at scale.”

Evvnt, a seven-year-old company that partners with Gatehouse, among other media companies, is based in LA.

SiteImpact is the largest provider of white-label email marketing services for the local media industry.

“Event producers have a natural urgency that is ideal for targeted email,” Rosen said. “We like how the Evvnt platform works, and believe that syndication to aggregating events sites is powerful as a unique upsell.”

The CEOs of the two companies met at a newspaper conference last year.

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