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The Awards are closed but the fun is just beginning. Sneak a peek: The Best of 2014 webinar is free at this link:

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Best In-House Agency Categories:

Best Revenue Producing Events:

Best Digital Agency, High End

Best Overall Events Program

Best Digital Agency for SMB's

Best National Mega-Event

Best Agency Web Site

Best New Event (Started In 2014)

Best Advertiser Workshop

Best Banquet

Best Agency Sales Packages

Best Event, B2B

Most Innovative Offerings

Best Event, B2C

Sales Categories:

Content Categories:

Best Automotive Revenue Strategy

Best Niche Franchise

Best Real Estate Revenue Strategy

Best Social Distribution

Best Recruitment Revenue Strategy

Best Use of Newsroom Technology

Best Native Advertising Program

Best High School Sports Initiative

Best Sales Contest  


Best New Sales Tool

Radio Categories:

Best Media Kit For Digital

Best Presentation, Reporting Analytics

Best Overall Digital Strategy

Mobile Categories:

Best Radio Community Site

Best Use of SMS

Best Radio Video Programming

Best Innovative App

Best Radio Social Strategy

Best Overall Mobile Strategy

Television Categories:

Paid Content Categories:

Best Single Non-Traditional Revenue Program

Best Overall Paid Content Strategy

Best Overall Digital Strategy

Most Innovative Paid Content Strategy

Newspaper Categories:

Best Paid Content Sales Funnel

Best  Overall Digital  Strategy

Political Categories:

Best Single Non-Traditional Revenue program

Best Use of Innovative Product Combinations

Ecommerce Categories:

Best Political Media Kit

Best Deals Strategy

Best Overall Political Sales Strategy

Best Deals Store

Obituaries Categories:

Best Transactional E-Commerce Play

Best Obituary Strategy

Best Overall E-Commerce Strategy

Best Obituary Planning Guide

Database Marketing Categories:


Best Email Marketing