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Restaurant Week Starter Kit

Sample materials for creating your own Restaurant Week


We collected samples of key materials needed to launch a restaurant week from successful initiatives around the country. Included are downloadable attachments and links to  "Frequently asked Questions,"  a restaurant agreement, online registration  form,  menu template and   other links. 

 • For links  to these materials online, go to: frequently asked questions (Long Island Restaurant Week) the agreement and guidelines for restaurants (Silicon Valley Restaurant Week);  link to downlowdable logos to include on promotional materials

• To download materials, use the attachments top left. 

•  To build an online registration form,  use this  complete online registration form as a template. It's the best from our survey.

• For more information on creating a restarant week, see How to Create a Small Market Restaurant Week, and go to 12 Ways to Increase Revenues from Restaurant Week Promotions. 


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