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52 weekly digital sales training topics


Weekly training is standard practice for the most successful sales teams. "When they walk out of the building, every sales rep has to understand share of voice, click-throughs, interactivity, stickiness and be completely conversational. If you don't have this, you are going to be left behind," according to Bryan Hellman, Manager of Digital Advertising for Fort Myers News-Press.com, a top multi-media sales force.

Weekly sales meetings include at least 15 minutes instruction. Here's the list of 52 training topics his team will review during the year:

1.   Needs Analysis
2.  Different ways to target ads with three sample accounts - Bevahioral, Geo, contextual, search, retargeting
3.  Analytics from various campaigns and what affects them

4.  Campaign optimization strategies
5. Share of Voice: How many impressions are enough
6. Best uses of Premium ads
7. How to engage customers interested in DIY models
8. Newspaper Website statistics – Local and National
9. SEM - Multiple topics in this category include mobile,  how much budget is enough, negative key words, when to use the display networks, how to research an account

10. Pre-call research

12. Landing page design

11. Banner Ads design
13. Online Video Ad units: Pre-roll/Post-roll/In-unit Webmercials
14. Creating an online spec ad – What works?
15. Lift – Stats on combining display to lift search
16.  Day-Parting

18. Digital service hierarchy - how things work together

19. What to sell to each category 

20. Online Terminology-How to be conversational (inquiries instead of clicks, etc)
21. Social Media - New forms and what they are used for
32. ROI vs Branding            
33.  “Elevator Pitch”  for key products
34. How to Read Month End Reports – Impressions, Traffic, CTR etc. 
35. Now That It’s Sold – Next steps
36. Where to look for digital leads 

37. Free resources to evalutate competitors 

38. How Google+ is affecting search and listings 

39.  What is "good" website design

40.  Why email is important and value of your opt-in lists 

41.  What is native advertising and how it is used 

42.  What is reputation management and why it is important 

43. How to evaluate a customer's web presence

44. How to look for ideas on the clients web site 

45. How to research what customers are looking for in the clients website that is not there 

46. Bringing information to the customer - what kinds of information they are looking for

47. Evaluating a site for responsive design and the importance of it 

48. Who needs AdWords and who doesn't? 

49. Adwords for non-profits

50. Advertiser contests that work 

51. Sweepstakes versus other kinds of contests - which to choose 

52. Why merchants need booths at events as well as advertising



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