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12 great B2B social content ideas for digital agencies

Become an expert in B2B marketing - of your own company

Alisa Cromer
Use these content types to add to the posting schedule - for your agency's B2B customers, not just consumer audiences.

If your own media is your first B2B client, here are some ideas for content to use in a B2B social posting plan. If you are using LinkedIn, be sure to buy sponsored updates. See "How to create a sponsored update"  (it can be extremely hard to set up at first so you may need this technical step by step how to) and "How to create social campaigns for B2B on LinkedIn."

As both a digital agency - and even better as a media-owned digital agency - you already have a lot of great content to post!

Make sure these B2B ideas are included in a blog on the media or agency site, where potential clients can "sign up" for a white paper, free review or just to be contacted for a consultation. The landing page for content promotions is just as important as the content itself!

And, of course, please keep a one to five ratio of call-to-action content to non-sales content in your posting schedules, and marry content marketing with search, retargeting strategies and email  - they are the four legs of the stool.

1. Advertiser case studies

These make fantastic posts to push out to other companies in the same industry.

2. Aggregated proprietary analytics based on real campaigns

Local media have proprietary analytics from a variety of local marketing campaigns. Do events raise CTR's 3 to 5 times? You bet. Do mobile ads also outperform significantly? Yep. And your company has real examples - even if you don't use the client name.

This is impressive because it is your data, and the "blog" about it resides on your site.

What are the three top offers that have generated the best leads for dentists? Give a writer access to internal analytics and there will never be a shortage of blog posts.

3. Top contest ideas by category

By all means, start with promoting your own contests and results. But also include a list of ideas your team can sell to new advertisers. Feel free to rewrite - and source - LocalMediaInsider's list under Topics/Contests on the left rail.

4.  Events

Media has a list of locally sponsorable events (see How to create a multi-million dollar events franchise here, which includes how to vet events in September to create a schedule). This is a great source for category specific posts aimed at targeted groups of advertisers.

5. Best practices

Whether you have a digital specialist or third party, assign a writer to mine your training materials for great "best practice" tips boiled down into simple, easy to read formats, such as "Three simple tricks that convert fans to sales," "How Houston grocery stores use SMS to promote coupons," "The Five Best Uses of Pinterest by Tampa retailers."

TIP: Use numbers in headlines - they increase readership by 2 times.

6. Congratulate business success - especially marketing success

It never hurts to acknowledge people for promotions, business appointments and other successes - especially advertising success stories. LinkedIn allows you to push these to the company itself, without paying to spam other audiences, as does Twitter, or simply inmail prospects on their accomplishments.

7. Your own market specific information from Borrell Reports

If you have spending data from industry categories; use it in your posts to prompt interest, the same way you would on a sales call: "Nashville bankers to spend 50% more on mobile."

8. Workshops and webinars

A great way to soft-sell a workshop or webinar, is to upload video into your posts, sampling a bit of the information - enough to be useful - and listing all the other amazing topics that will be covered. And as long as you stick to the 1 in 5 rule, ie; non-sales content to call-to-action content - it is fair game to invite your advertisers to attend more commercial events.

9.  Seasonal prompts

See "Lifehackers" for the best time to buy anything list. These are great prompts can help you time schedule posts to these categories, and provide a source of content, along the lines of "Is March is the best time to sell sporting equipment?" With tips for marketing in high and low seasons.

10.  Special offers

Why not occasionally test a free offer, such as a 'Digital Check-up' analysis, a free mobile site or $100 worth of advertising? Look for formulas to generate leads that can be upsold.

11.  Marketing opportunities

Be sure to look at the editorial and promotional schedules to include unique marketing opportunities by category - especially ones that are limited: "We have two sponsorship opportunities left for Palo Alto High School Football," "Don't miss out on Restaurant Week, four days to go before sign ups close," or "Best of Columbus nightclubs is now underway: Five tips to get out the vote."

12. Don't forget email and retargeting.

Simpli.fi in particular will help you retarget customers lists with your commercial messages, while email is a still a great source of distributing expertise - not just sales offers.

Find technologies used to execute campaign strategies in the directory, MediaExecsTech.com.

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Alisa Cromer

The author, Alisa Cromer is publisher of a variety of online media, including LocalMediaInsider and  MediaExecsTech,  developed while on a fellowship with the Reynolds Journalism Institute and which has evolved into a leading marketing company for media technology start-ups. In 2017 she founded Worldstir.com, an online magazine,  to showcases perspectives from around the  world on new topic each month, translated from and to the top five languages in the world.

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