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We are pleased to launch a new channel dedicated to reports on local Native Advertising. Includes glossary of native ters, examples of local native programs, pricing and packaging, how to measure, guidelines for advertisers, creating compelling native content, features and benefits one sheet and case studies from the Sarasota Observer, Washington Post, Deseret Digital and Dallas Morning News.
Case study

The Washington Post's native advertising program, BrandConnect, has sold more than $1 million in revenues according to LMI estimates. This case study looks at key components of the program including ad units, branding for the program and marquis local … more


This report includes basic pricing concepts for native ads, plus examples of pricing from around the country including packages from the Quad City Times, Deseret Digital Media and SpeakEasy. more

Case study

How did Deseret Digital build its multi-million dollar native ad division? Included in the case study are key principles, staffing, where and how long ads run, pricing and packaging, average analytic results, who to hire, what to pay freelancers, whether to … more


Are the blind leading the blind when it comes to local native analytics? Not completely. There are a few important results you will want to report from native ads, as well as options for gathering additional analtyics. This report learns from Deseret … more

Top ads

A long running native ad campaign started in 2013 by the Sarasota Observer for a local restaurant group, the Sarasota Manatees has expanded its concept this year. The Top Ad-winning "In the Kitchen" series has been expanded to include a "Eat like a local." … more


Native advertising needs to meet and exceed readers expectations regarding quality, voice and values.

But how this … more


Most recent


While most alternative weeklies are focused on increasing events revenues, an alternative weekly in Michigan has also quietly launched a native advertising program on Wehaa Local Experts platform. …


The INSIDERS, a native advertising program with a unique take on using "experts" for content was introduced by Pamplin Media in 2016, and netted $400,000 from it's first sales blitz led by Mike …

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Here's the best of 2014 native advertising.

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Native Advertising, the new hot buzzword for local media executives hunting down new revenue models, may also provide the best mobile ad units.

That is, sponsor posts are a much needed …

Case study

SpeakEasy, a local digital agency that focuses on social and content marketing build $3 million in business from prestige clients in the area. President Mike Orren shares how it was done, including: …

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